I provide support for personal and professional growth by taking a holistic approach to life and learning.

I offer support for personal and professional growth


Combining my extensive experience in the field of education with newly acquired skills in health and wellbeing, I offer support in a flexible and effective way. My approach allows me to adapt to the specific needs of clients. This flexibility means the mode of delivery, duration, and structure of support can all be designed in a way that suits your available resources, whether you are an individual or an organisation.

Holistic Approach

It may seem, at first, that the three areas here (PSYCH-K®, Education, and Breathwork/Meditation) are all different. Yes, they are, but they also have the potential to complement each other. I firmly believe that in today’s chaotic, and stressful world, we need to invest time and energy in looking after our own state of mind. As individuals, we owe it to ourselves and loved ones to be in the best shape we can, both mentally and physically. From an organisational perspective, especially in education, our people are our best assets and should be given the support they need and deserve in order to participate fully in the organisation’s activities.

Why this combination?

I have been involved in various areas within education for 30 years now, and in that time experienced many ups and downs for both personal and professional reasons. I’ve been on the treadmill and felt trapped at times due to the responsibility of being a single parent and the perception that a linear career path is the only way. My involvement with education projects in a variety of contexts and cultures has definitely helped me develop a very rich skill set. I’m passionate about learning and think it should be a lifelong journey.

PSYCH-K®, breathwork and meditation are newer areas for me and certainly bring a new and very rewarding aspect to my life. My introduction to PSYCH-K® was a game-changer and has given me more control over my own life . It is a powerful tool that I am now able to facilitate with others to help empower them in releasing self-limiting beliefs that may be holding them back. I am listed as a Preferred PSYCH-K® Facilitator on the PSYCH-K® website.

Breathwork and meditation seem to be everywhere now, and not without good reason. I am still exploring this beautiful path and using the practice myself to help maintain clarity and health. Again, this is an area I believe is useful in the field of education, and work, to help nurture life-balance.

Breathwork and Meditation